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Hello. is your online opportunity to obtain some of the more unusual, uncommon & downright rare items in the world of collectable toys.  I deal in vintage toys only. The new toys are carbooted by my mother - in - law.  This site will be updated in the near future to make it more user friendly & interactive etc, with latest lists, photos of items for sale, pricing info. and so on.  Until then, I am listing the categories, and if you would like further info., please email me at, stating your area of interest / what list you are interested in.  I specialise in figures of all materials and from all countries. I currently have plastic, rubber, lead, aluminium, composition, plaster & tin figures.  Flats, hollow cast & solid metal.  Figures from 19th century to 1980s. Figures made in Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Japan, etc, through to Made in the U.S.
So possibly I will have some figures of interest to you.
I also deal in unusual / minor manufacturers of motor vehicles toys, ie: Timpo, Charbens, Johillco, F.G. Taylor, Britains etc.
Tin Toys, Lanterns, Automata, Pre WW2 Games, Military Games etc, etc.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Lists available:
  1. Plastic Figures - Britains / Herald.
  2. Plastic Figures - English makes, not Britains / Herald.                    
  3. Plastic animals.
  4. Plastic Figures & Animals from other European Countries.
  5. Plastic Figures & Animals from Rest Of World. 
  6. Lead Figures - Britains.
  7. Lead Animals - Britains.
  8. Metal Figures ( Lead, Aluminium etc ) - English makes, not Britains.
  9. Metal Figures from other European Countries.
  10. Composition Figures - Elastolin, Lineol.
  11. Composition Figures - All other makes.
  12. Animals of all Materials - NOT Britains.
  13. Figures & Animals of all other materials - Paper, Rubber, Tin, Wood, etc. 
  14. British Diecast.
  15. Other European Diecast.
  16. Games, including Military.
  17. Tinplate Toys.

Selection of plastic & composition figures.
Site created 18th September 2003, so it is fresh.
Thanks for visiting my site.  Any comments, need more info, you KNOW what to do !

Contact '' for latest lists of figures, lead, plastic, composition, etc. Unusual games, toys, diecast etc.